My husband and his passion

I can hear the sound of the floors being thoroughly scrubbed. My husband Marvin is cleaning our bathroom. Sometimes, it is still hard to imagine him diligently doing this task every two weeks. After all, a squeaky clean bathroom is not one of his OC-nesses but one of mine. I would like to think that it is because of his great love for me which made him offer to do this chore. But I would like to look at it more as a sign of my hubby’s growth and maturity.

Marvin has certainly come a long way from that moody, poker-faced guy whom I met more than 4 years ago. But no matter how many transformations he will go through, I know that there is one thing that will never change and that is his love for playing video games.

Yes, I am  married to a guy whose eyes animatedly light up when he talks about his favorite games current or past and who has all types of console at his disposal (If you do not know what a console is then good for you). I am married to someone who even keeps himself abreast of the latest games and gaming technology by scouring those gaming websites everyday. My husband is a living testament to that saying “once a gamer, always a gamer”.

I could describe gaming as the other woman who steals from me some of my husband’s time and attention. I used to compete with this other woman but after several years of being with him, I conceded. Not because it will be easier to just accept defeat but because of the discovery that playing has helped Marvin become the better person that he is now. Gaming is not something that I could just easily take away from him. It is a part of him. It is his passion. Marvin will not be Marvin without his games.

I no longer resent the time my husband spends with his Xbox and PS3 (Okay I still do sometimes). Most of the time, I just feel envious but thankful. Envious with the knowledge that that there is something that can help him deal with the stresses and problems that life throws our way and thankful for turning him into the best husband a woman could ever ask for (in other words, a husband who is always amenable to do whatever i ask him to do).

So here’s to finding our one true passion in life 🙂