Blogging to stay awake

So I have finally taken the plunge..

I have now officially entered the world of blogging, not by choice, but because I either do this or fall asleep on my desk while I am at the office (not exactly a scene I would want my manager to see when the evaluation period is just over 2 months away).

I have already drank 2 glasses of  jasmine green tea and 1 glass of coffee. I should already be feeling the effects of caffeine by now right? But why am I still headbanging to the sound of my teammates’ keyboard presses?

I feel like I have turned into some nocturnal creature. I feel sleepy in the daytime and can hardly sleep during the nighttime. I do not know what is causing this but it certainly is not helping with my once-a-week-coffee mini project. I have been trying to cut back on my caffeine intake for three reasons: (1) studies say that caffeine affects fertility; (2) coffee means sugar and I cannot take coffee without sugar and (3) coffee is too acidic and I have hyperacidity. If only I could afford to dump this project, I would have said “to hell with this” a long time ago.

Since abandoning this project is totally not an option, I really have to find out the cause of my sleepless nights, not later, but right now.

One explanation I could think of is maybe I am anticipating too much the time when my alarm goes off. But last weekend, I did not set any alarm and still, I was left tossing and turning.

Another explanation could be is that I have too much things on my mind. I could probably still be thinking during my sleep. But is that even possible?

Or maybe it is because of the bed, the sheets, the whole room!! Does this mean we now have to find a new place?

Arrgghhhh…I really need a good night’s sleep.

Hopefully, later, I will be getting one.


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